07 Oct

Zarnet to connect 1 500 institutions by year-end

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Government-owned telecommunications firm Zarnet is targeting to connect 1500 institutions with internet by the end of the year after being granted the IAP license by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

An IAP license is a license which allows an organisation to build internet infrastructure across the country which is different from ISP which allows an organisation to provide internet service only.

In an interview with Zarnet acting technical operations director Mr Evans Vete said IAP license will assist the organization to fund resources from international organizations at a cheaper cost to achieve their target.

“We are targeting to connect 1384 schools, 10 provincial education offices and other institutions for them to work under one network, so our target is 1500 institutions by year end.

“Government is targeting to connect the 8000 schools across the country to operate under one network for the schools to share information,” he said.

Vete said the license will enable them to provide affordable internet packages for academic and research institutions in line with its thrust.

Zarnet was established in 1997 to provide internet services to the academic and research institutions.

He said since its establishment the organization was able to provide over 300 schools with internet connection.

“We have connected about 350 schools on internet but we have done applications, websites, e-books and emails when you add that up will probably have done over 1500 schools,” he said.

He added that the IAP license is now allowing the organisation to negotiate with international internet service providers to provide services at negotiable prices.

The organisation was awarded an A class IAP license which allows them to get internet connection services at a commercial price rate.

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29 Sep

ZARNet offers cheaper e-Learning broadband for rural schools

The Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network (ZARNet) was established to provide ICT and e-education solutions in the academic and research sector and educational institutions.

ZARNet is thge implementing arm of the Presidential e-learning programme, a successor programme to the Computerisation Programme, launched by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe in 2012 at Chogugudza Primary School in Mashonaland East and Landa J Nkomo High in Tsholotsho in Matabeleland.

ZARNet 4-year strategic plan is to connect 4000 schools to the internet.

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29 Sep

Vice President Launches eNhava at the IAD Summit In Vic Falls

Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network (ZARNet) has unveiled e-nhava, a cutting edge integrated resources portal, they say is set to revolutionise not only learning and currency but the order of doing business and the way we live.

e-nhava will be a premium platform for trainers to upload relevant content beneficial to learners in their studies. Students have a choice to buy or rent a book, a chapter or even video lessons for tutorship and mentorship.


By: Gody Jokonya

This seems to be an answer by ZARNet team, led by chief executive Cliff Mupangavanhu, to Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of Information Communication Technologies, Postal and Courier services who recently made a call for government arms to “. be innovative and think outside the box” and make money as opposed to waiting for handouts

“The technology aims to reduce costs on textbook accessibility from elementary level through to professional qualifications especially for those in rural and underprivileged communities. A development supposed to create more opportunities for professions and research beneficial in national, social and economic aspects in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.” Says Mupangavanhu.

“Education should not be expensive and in empowering rural schools our message is ‘where you are born is a delivery point not a destination’.”

The software will offer a wallet in multicurrency for flexibility in shopping at the site’s market place offering boundless products and services from various wholesalers, retailers and service providers. One can shop for anything, pay anyone, anywhere and anytime beyond boundaries.

The platform shall offer a unique function of payment authorization where an institution can request a payment to a user on behalf of your beneficiary e.g. hospital or school and all you have to do is authorize the payment whilst eliminating middlemen.


To access the services on http://enhava.com/one needs to open an account through an agent (a retailer or school) or simply sent a message and a confirmation. More information will be fully available on the 16th of April 2015 when the project will be officially launched.

8 months were spent by 8 highly trained Pan-African digital architects with extensive and varied backgrounds and experience ranging from PhDs in cloud system, banking payments, professional education specializing in e-learning and system analysts to make it a sound secure platform.

Dr Shiyghan Navti, a Cameroonian working for IBM UK and one of the architects had this to say.

“The technology promotes Pan Africanism whilst bordering territories through provision of relevant services is set to grow beyond Zimbabwe to the rest of Africa. The aim of the platform is to provide a sustainable way by increasing accessibility and affordability of learning content and empowering them for economic sustainability whilst building on existing schools in communities,” says Navti.

ZARNet has 8 years experience as an ISP for academic institutions, research institutions, training colleges, schools and other clients especially in rural and disadvantaged areas and wishes to bankroll e-nhava starting with Chipinge.

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29 Sep

ZARNet acquires 51% of Portnet Software (Private) Limited

  1. The Government of Zimbabwe (through ZARNet – a 100% state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal & Courier Services) has acquired 51% of Portnet Software (Private) Limited (“Portnet Software”).
  2. Portnet Software was established in 2005 and provides the full range of SAP software services and solutions in Zimbabwe and across Africa. Portnet Software (through its lead promoters) has been involved in significant SAP projects in Zimbabwe (including the Public Finance Management System) and other African countries including Nigeria and Kenya.
  3. The acquisition provides Government of Zimbabwe (including all parastatals and state owned enterprises and private businesses) with an alternative provider of SAP solutions and services and counters the dominance of foreign owned SAP providers in Zimbabwe.
  4. This acquisition also provides a solution to the potential risks highlighted by the Minister of ICTs, Postal and Courier Services , Hon Supa Mandiwanzira, during the E-Government conference held in Nyanga in August 2015, which included the significant security risk of allowing foreign owned SAP providers to access sensitive Government information on Zimbabwe. The minister said in mischievous hands, SAP providers could be a platform for mining economic intelligence against the country.
  5. It is expected that, with the acquisition, Portnet Software will become the preferred provider of SAP solutions to Government (including all parastatals and state owned enterprises) and offer much needed competition in the private sector.
  6. Portnet Software intends to expand into other African countries leveraging on its skills and the excellent political capital that Zimbabwe, through His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, enjoys across the continent.
  7. The acquisition allows the Zimbabwe government to retain skills and jobs locally while curtailing the outflow of revenues which happens when it secures services from foreign-owned companies.

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