07 Oct

Zarnet to connect 1 500 institutions by year-end

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Government-owned telecommunications firm Zarnet is targeting to connect 1500 institutions with internet by the end of the year after being granted the IAP license by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

An IAP license is a license which allows an organisation to build internet infrastructure across the country which is different from ISP which allows an organisation to provide internet service only.

In an interview with Zarnet acting technical operations director Mr Evans Vete said IAP license will assist the organization to fund resources from international organizations at a cheaper cost to achieve their target.

“We are targeting to connect 1384 schools, 10 provincial education offices and other institutions for them to work under one network, so our target is 1500 institutions by year end.

“Government is targeting to connect the 8000 schools across the country to operate under one network for the schools to share information,” he said.

Vete said the license will enable them to provide affordable internet packages for academic and research institutions in line with its thrust.

Zarnet was established in 1997 to provide internet services to the academic and research institutions.

He said since its establishment the organization was able to provide over 300 schools with internet connection.

“We have connected about 350 schools on internet but we have done applications, websites, e-books and emails when you add that up will probably have done over 1500 schools,” he said.

He added that the IAP license is now allowing the organisation to negotiate with international internet service providers to provide services at negotiable prices.

The organisation was awarded an A class IAP license which allows them to get internet connection services at a commercial price rate.

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