Reinventing Education

This is an education platform for students across Africa. eNhava provides universal access to Africa’s best education, partnering with top schools, universities and organizations to offer online courses.


  • online virtual classes
  • give and receive tests and quizzes
  • post grades
  • submit assignments
  • view grades
  • receive feedback from an instructor
  • online discussion and collaboration
  • chat rooms
  • get certificates and badges
  • Video Lectures
  • Course schedule
  • Programming exercises
  • Content Authoring

Market Place

This is an educational resources marketplace. Suppliers, Manufacturers, Retailers of educational resources and/or Course providers can list their products, advertise, buy and sell from the marketplace.

This enables educational institutions to enhance learning and the delivery of services; enabling educators to create their own private environment filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere.


  • Collaborative tools such as forums, wikis
  • Student Management and tracking
  • Student Portal
  • Authoring – Courses
  • Classroom Management
  • Conferencing
  • Content Library
  • Content Management
  • Course Interactivity
  • Coursework Grading
  • eLearning Management
  • Instructor Led Classes
  • Instructor Scheduling

Financial Services

We offer a secure way of completing transactions online. School fees can now be paid online anywhere anytime. Make and receive mobile payments with sms and/or school mobile application.

From admissions, attendance, discipline, health, library, canteen, reports, scheduling, student billing, transcripts and more — all integrated into a single database accessible any time, anywhere via the Web.


  • Admission module
  • Fees module
  • Student photo/id card module
  • Student attendance module
  • Payroll module
  • Accounting module
  • Asset register module
  • Exam results module
  • Timetables module
  • Library module
  • Bulk sms module
  • Hostel module
  • Teacher information module

Enterprise Resource Planning

An integration of systems that are useful to the day to day running of academic institutions. Student Management System, Examination & Timetable Management System are amongst the many systems we offer.

Other Educational Applications

It’s our MANDATE: we love and enjoy it!

Online Schools Directory

The Online Schools Directory is a Zimbabwean online directory for all institutions of learning from nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, to universities. The website is the best on-line resource to gather relevant information on over ten thousand schools in Zimbabwe. It is the most convenient and low cost method with search capabilities that allow you to view information about a particular school of your choice. Our Online Schools Directory Services includes:

  • public, private and denominational schools;
  • search capabilities on school name, city, province, pass rate, subjectss;
  • maps to show schools in each province and a map for school location;
  • results based on school location, school type, pass rates, subjects taken etc

Get Listed For Free Today; Visit: Online Schools Directory Now!

Library Management System

Designed and Developed for the Zimbabwean Librarians, this software is used to catalog, track circulation and inventory a library’s assets. ZARNet can customize this software to suite your particular organization.


  • This Library System is web based
  • able to manage the borrowing
  • returning of books
  • make book reservations
  • generate bar codes
  • Management of books and journals
  • members and clients management
  • audit track of users
  • Library reporting functionality
  • Online public access to library books amongst the many other functions it offers.

Exams Collection

Exam collection is an exams revision collection platform. The main focus is to provide all and up to date revised solutions with step by step solutions with audio narration for all ZIMSEC past examinations.

Why chose us?

  • Mandated by the Government of Zimbabwe to provide Internet and other related ICT services to the academic and research sector.
  • Holder of a Special Category Licence from POTRAZ as an Internet Access Provider for the Academic and Research Sectors.
  • We hold the best interests of the academic and research sector at heart.
  • Lots of Free Services to be accessed by the academic institutions.

Free Educational Material

Maths Android Apps

e-Learning Games


Search for scholarships in your region, town, city, province, area of study, gender, etc. Below is a list of possible scholarships for Zimbabwean students, but most of them are also open to African and international students.


  1. Presidential Scholarship – The Robert Mugabe Scholarship. Details of the 2014 scholarship are yet to be distributed.
  2. Ministry of higher and Tertiary Education – Scholarships
  3. Joshua Nkomo Scholarship
  4. The Crosby Scholarship Fund
  5. Graca Machel
  6. Clutton-Brock Scholarship For Zimbabwe
  7. Canon Collins Trust
  8. KAAD Scholarship Program – Germany
  9. The Rhodes Scholarship 2010 For Zimbabwe
  10. Sloan African Scholarship
  11. Beit Trust
  12. DRD Scholarships for PhD and Master Studies.
  13. Special Research Fund of Ghent University, Belgium.
  14. Du Bois-Mandela-Rodney Fellowship: University of Michigan
  15. Chevening UK Scholarships for International Students
  16. Netherlands Masters Fellowship Program for Developing Countries
  17. Netherlands PhD Fellowship Program for Developing Countries
  18. Netherlands Fellowship Program for Short Courses
  19. Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries
  20. Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students
  21. Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students
  22. Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries
  23. Graça Machel Scholarships for African Women
  24. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries
  25. Weidenfeld Scholarships at University of Oxford
  26. CUD Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries
  27. Switzerland Scholarships for International Students
  28. Tuition-Free Online Scholarships at University of the People
  29. VLIR-UOS Masters Degree Scholarships for Developing Countries
  30. Norwegian Quota Scholarships for Developing Countries
  31. Study in Germany


Top University Rankings


List of universities in Zimbabwe


Established in 1997 by the Government of Zimbabwe originally to provide internet connectivity to the government, the academia and research sectors, ZARNet’s success is associated with commitment to its embracing of modern technologies and world class standards that have resulted in our provision of unparalleled ICT services to our stakeholders. We are a nationally accepted reference for stable and reliable corporate internet services.

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