ZARNet plans your structured cabling network

The most important design considerations. We weigh these considerations carefully:


  • Your system should support data, voice,video, and multimedia applications now and well into the future. You should anticipate applications involving VoIP, PoE, wireless, and security.
  • Life cycle.Plan on a life span of 15–20 years, with 10 years as the minimum. Your cabling system should have the longest life cycle of any component in your network.Compare that to a network switch, which has an average life span of five years.


  • Your system should be based on open standards and be able to support multiple applications regardless of the vendor. Modular, open-standard systems enable easy changes and easy expansion without changing the cabling and equipment.


  • The demand for it just keeps growing. The more the better. Enough said.


  • Anticipate how many users you’ll need to support 10, 15, or even 20 years down the road. See Bandwidth above. MACs (Moves, adds, and changes).Your network should facilitate and accommodate frequent changes


  • We do cat 5e , 6 and Fibre LANs plus data lines that carry Voice lines or extensions.

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