This is an Internet Connectivity Project being implemented by ZARNet at the technical partner. Ministry of Primary Secondary Education (MPSE) requested for connectivity funding through the Ministry of ICT and Cyber Security (MICTCS).  The project is being funded by POTRAZ through UNIVERSIAL Services Fund (USF).
The availed funding includes hardware and Internet bandwidth for 6 months. The Schools being connected are mostly cluster Schools being provided to ZARNet by MOPSE.

1 300 schools are to be connected on internet. The technologies being used to connect these schools are Fibre, Symmetric High Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Radio links and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), depending on the geographical location. Apart from internet connection each school is to be provided with the Local Area Network (LAN) in the computer room, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) terminal, domain registration, school website development and email creation. Additional services include web conferencing.

The upon commissioning of the project, each school should have the following services funded for 6 months.

After 6 months any Schools that wishes to continue with the services will enter into a commercial arrangement with ZARNet and chose a suitable package they can afford.

Internet Installation of VSAT/ Fibre/ SHDSL/ Radio/ LTE Internet Subscription for 6 Months •    VSAT (22GB per Month) •    Fibre /Radio/SHDS (Unlimited access with 2 Mbps download speed) •    LTE (36 GB per Month)

Local Area Network

10 points wireless LAN


School basic website development(School to Provide content)

School Domain

Domain Registration


Website hosting for 6 months


Email hosting for school head for 6 Months


Installation of VoIP Services with 1 terminal  for free unlimited  School to School calls


Basic ICT Training, Content Development, Website Development, Network Management

This is the list of the 1300 Schools that are connected on the Project.

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Every school that is part of the Project is given a domain, website and emails.
Default emails address have been created for the Head of the School and School Bursar. For more emails requests for other Staff like Teachers and Students send an email request to support@zarnet.ac.zw

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Emails (Call ZARNet support for passwords)

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Each School has a VoIP extension

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Support: support@zarnet.ac.zw

Marketing: marketing@zarnet.ac.zw

Finance:  accounts@zarnet.ac.zw

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