VOIP Services


VOIP for the Academic Sector

The ZARNet VOIP services enables schools to communicate with each other for free. Schools can also communicate with the District and Provincial Oces for free up to the Ministry level within the ZARNet Network.

A Cost Effective Solution

Our VoIP is a cost-eeffective solution, fully scalable to your schools requirements with transparent monthly communication costs.We offer the latest in cutting-edge VoIP technologies for the education sector (desktop or mobile)


  • Call waiting, call park and holding music.
  • New message alerts and shared voicemail boxes.
  • Last number redial.
  • Call monitoring and recording.
  • Conference calls.
  • Add, remove and update user accounts.
    Restriction of unauthorised calls.
  • Free calls.
  • Flexible geographic numbering and school address books.
  • Voicemail service.
  • Call barring, diverting and forwarding.

Did we forget to say…?

Equipment is totally FREE OF CHARGE for the academic sector!

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