Wifi and Hotspot Solution for office, internet cafe or school cmapus

ZARNet offers hotspot solution to cater for clients’ needs. Packages are customized to suite your needs with a login screen with your corporate logo. The hotspot to the internet has capabilities for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for every user accessing the internet. Users are given tickets which they use to login and access the internet, this enables that the Wi-Fi is secured and unauthorized users cannot access internet for a controlled hotspot.


  • Control download, upload and bandwidth per user
  • No client software installation
  • Customize Pages
  • Set your own price plans
  • MAC and IP White list
  • Block Websites
  • URL Filtering and URL Log with Anti-terrorism compliance
  • Link Load Balancing and Failover
  • Web Filter with 2.5 Million Domains
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Remote Hotspot Operator Software

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